Worth Doin Right

Worth Doin’ Right

Verse 1

Our shoes are worn down to the sole

We barely know where we’ve been let alone where we’re gonna go

Absolutely adamant we have a chance

But wise enough to know there’s no hope

Chorus 1

Walkin’ down the street

Even though I don’t always like who I might meet, I might see

Something in their mind

That might look something like something in mine

Everybody hurry scurry

Settle something, still you worry

I may waste away someday but

I wont waste a night

Moment focused, future sutured tight

Verse 2

I noticed you were perplexed by the complexity

So stick with me and see the simplicity

The city is always awake

Take or forsake your mistakes

It’s not the last one you’ll make

Chorus 2

Walkin down the street

You can’t believe that you’ve already walked through another week

God, that time will fly

You better be havin a good time

Sleep all day stay up til morning

Never lonely never boring

I may waste away someday but

I won’t waste a night

If it’s worth doin’, it’s worth doin right

Chorus 3

Walkin down the street

Singin a song to the beat of my feet hittin the concrete

Don’t you walk alone,

I’ll walk you there, I’ll walk you home

And if you say it’s okay then I’ll stay but instead you say

“I may waste away someday” well

We’ll all waste away,

So we wont waste a day along the way

Tonight, everything’s alright..


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