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Posted: September 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
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You know what’s wrong with rhyming dictionaries?  They suck.  As a musician I have resorted to these when I’m writing lyrics and it doesn’t help at all.  I don’t need obvious rhymes!  I need rhymes I wouldn’t think of on my own.

So I’ve decided to start a musicians resource on my website for unconventional rhymes…

Today I will be doing:  Consequences

..on the senses

..on the fence is..

..down defences

..caught defenseless

..fond romances

..kind that quenches descendants

..calm consesus

..lost apendage

..wrong revenge is..

..close percentage

There’s a few for now.  If anyone has any good ones they would like to add I would greatly appreciate some more input!

Also if anyone maybe has some writers block on a particular rhyme scheme let me know and we’ll throw some ideas around.  I’ll come up with some, someone else will come up with some, it’ll be great and clever.

If only I’d thought of this before Beyonce recorded Put A Ring On It

  1. Igor says:

    wow this is great we should really expand this

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