So, hey, would ya look at us.  We made it all the way to twenty-eleven.  Almost as long as the Mayans counted out their calender until.  By the way, I’m writing this now in case their actual intent was to warn us of some type of cataclysmic catastrophe like so many of us have read into it.  I personally think it’s just another Nostradamus, Y2K, apocalyptic scenario that we dream up ’cause it’s exciting to think that we get to be the ones to see it all go down.  I’ve seriously always been a ‘lil obsessed with the end of the world, being raised Christian, it seemed like a great way to get out early before I went over the limit on the sinning.  Everybody dies, nobody’s sad to see you go.  It’s win win 🙂

But as we so rapidly approach the much anticipated 2012 I find myself revisiting my past dreams of apocalypse with mixed feelings.  What time has taught me is that expecting something to go one way pretty much means, if not somehow having a direct influence on, things going the opposite way.  I’ll be so bold as to say that just thinking may change things.  Who am I to say?  All I, or any of us, know is thinking.  Anyways, the concept of the world just up and ending is oversimplified to begin with.

Okay so birds are falling from the sky all over the place (blackbirds being startled by fireworks, their navigational skills being poor at night.  That explains one incident anyways.)  fish are washing up on shore by the thousands (is that hyperbole?) and the floods and earthquakes and all.  So what.  What about living here this long has led you to believe it was easygoing.  Maybe you haven’t lived that long.  Well let me tell ya, this shit happens all the time.  Maybe it’s escalating?  Yes, it’s always escalating.

No matter what happens you can bet on only one thing:  That it’s not gonna be what you expected.  Anybody who thinks they know what’s gonna happen is full of shit.  You can’t predict the future there’s an infinite number of variables in the smallest to grandest scheme of things.  It’s just best to focus on what you can affect immediately.  Be happy, that’s how you win.

What!?  Do you dare to call me out on my capacity of vision?!  Oh, you’ve kicked the bee’s nest on this one but don’t worry, I won’t take your insolence personally.  As erroneous, and perpetually so, as  it may be to predict the future, we’re all human and THUS are compelled to continue doing so, so indulge me to add my premonition to the collective consciousness.  Seems to me that us humans (yes we’re just a species like everybody else.  You know what I’m talkin’ about dolphins) are shaping the planet into something that is uninhabitable to our kind or anything else we’re familiar with enough to consider a being.  And though disaster seems preeminent doesn’t it seem like we’re building towards a something of some sort?  I don’t think it deserves the eye rolls you’re giving me as you read this to suggest that artificial intelligence will be our successors.  Our technology’s getting to the point of replicating the human brian in complexity, let’s hope more decisive.  But if we can’t keep it going here, let’s hope we can pass the baton.  Don’t you love the idea of all the intellectual excellence paying off big time?  Something the species can be proud of.  Hey, you know the robots that colonized the universe?  We did that.  Makes sense to me anyways.

But anyways, don’t be afraid.  It’s always futile.  Stay dynamic.  Don’t go thinking you’re more than a mass of organs wrapped in skin with a consciousness that deserves something special.  Don’t worry.  There’s some sort of equilibrium to it all.  At the risk of inducing more eye rolling, it was really said best by Dr. Manhattan in Watchmen:  “In the end?…  Nothing ever ends.”

  1. It should be noted that I wrote this before seeing the documentary Transcendent Man which is great and totally backs me up

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