Do-Gooder Records

Trevor in Studio

I do original songs and music that range from quirky to heavy, sometimes brushing the negligee of greatness, produced like a pro with a combination of virtual instruments, vintage instruments and visceral instruments, and all possessing that certain undefineable quality that ties all my songs together, that quality being me (It’s true that everyone is undefinable).

I’ve got a decade’s experience playing the guitar, less than that on bass which I possess more of an affinity for, shreiked vocals in hardcore bands Settle For Less and Nailed and do a pretty mean Mario Bros. theme song on the flute–by request only.  Definetly the chorus of my life has been “Trevor, you’re weird” and I hope the day never comes that I take this as anything but a compliment.  I am, as they say, an ‘out-side-of-the-boxialist’. Sometimes I like when things sound bad, rough around the edges, is that so crazy?  Are we not due for a movement of this type of sound, what with our squeaky polished rock of today?  I think so.  By the time I’m done they’ll have invented Anti-tune Haha *maniacal laughter*  But seriously I don’t know how that would work

If you want to work together making music, need some songs produced, have some ideas but no one to make them in to something.  Drop me a line!  I’m up for anything.  Need some Audio to your Video?  I do that too

  1. Ignore the mirror image to your right. Or is it left….

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