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I found that hitchhiking out here by myself really taught me was how to be myself.  No one who picks you up knows what your normally like, leaving you free to be whoever you like and ultimately leading to learning how you act when not obligated to fit into someone’s perception of you.

He picked me up on the entrance to the 400 as I sat playing guitar with a sheet of paper saying ‘Perry Sound’.  The conversation flowed steady for a good hour or two.  He was headed to the Yukon to hold an Indie Film presentation.  He recommended some good indie movies I said I’d check out but forgot about.  He also played in a punk band in T.O.  He gave me some tips having hitchhiked himself.  He dropped me off at the YMCA in Sudbury.  He even got out and made sure I got in alright.

As I wandered around in Sudbury I came to a park on a hill looking over the town.  I’m always writing lyrics to make into songs and this is what I wrote there:

On a road in nowhere

I sit and stare

to catch a glimpse of what I missed and come to grips

that I don’t care

I was so sad to let it go

but here with open hands I know

the sweetness wasn’t having it held

It was breathing it in a blowing it out

Perfected a futilely flawless routine

inevitably becoming monotony

Had no idea what to do, to do better

so I started my story on a fresh piece of paper

Now following the flow

in the unknown

I listen to the rhythms I’m given

to guide, to decide my direction

The passion is pursuit, not possession, of perfection



Did I write this already?  No, that was an email.

I was waiting not ten minutes, I had a good spot by a stop sign headed to the highway, when this guy from New Zealand picked me up.  He’d travelled around a lot and was now investigating insurance claims in Calgary.  He told me about a friend he had in Scotland who owned a hostel by a castle.  I forget the name.  Rock something?  I don’t know.  But yeah, I should check out Scotland sometime..

He was settled with his wife and kids now and his buddy is still traveling which he envies so I said, “Wellp.  The grass is always greener.”

Good convo.  Easier to talk to than anyone else today.  Maybe I’m just waking up.  He drove me around Calgary a bit so I could get my bearings.  He dropped me off where he thought the Y was but it turned out to be the YWCA.  So I found the nearest HI hostel which is really nice..  but yeah, good rides today.  Friendly people around here