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Of all the strokes of luck! ¬†I’m conversing about how I was looking for a nice place to rent and this guy (who was going all the way to Victoria. sweet) is looking to sublet his apartment in Vancouver for $650 which is more than I was looking to spend but it’s got a pool, hot tub, great view, nice neighbourhood on beach street and is actually supposed to be $800 a month but the guy wants to use the mailbox and parking space. ¬†The apartment the next floor up is $1200 so it seems like a pretty sweet deal. ¬†He says how he’s moving onto his houseboat to live year round for cheaper. ¬†I got his number and I’m pretty sure I’ll take him up on his offer.

He seemed like a cool guy too.  I told him the weed story from earlier and he whipped out his pipe and we smoked some up.  Man did I get stoned.  I must have walked around Victoria in spirals for 5 hours.

So that’s it. ¬†Now it’s seven years later and I’m still in Vancouver. ¬†I only lasted in that beach ave. apartment a couple months before I got kicked out for “having a party” which was actually just me listening to music, actually I was writing lyrics to songs by this band I joined and didn’t stick with. ¬†Anyway, the dude was pretty mad ’cause he wasn’t supposed to be subletting. ¬†I got fired from The Doghouse, the restaurant I first worked at in Van, for unclear reasons besides that I was the youngest. ¬†The manager said, usually he loves firing people but he hated to fire me. ¬†That’s around when I wrote Oh Well.

But yeah, that’s all 47. ¬†Although there is one more that’s relevant…..

I wasn’t waiting even five minutes when a guy stopped and said, “I can’t take you far but this place is no good for getting picked up.” ¬†So he drove me to the other side of town while talking on his phone to his buddy who was asking him to bring over beer and food. ¬†“Good day for some beer and Barbeque” I said. ¬†It sure was..

I’ve waited for busses longer than hitchhiking on Vancouver Island. ¬†A hippie lady picked me up and drove me down the road a ways towards Victoria. ¬†She didn’t look too old but she had kids around my age she said. ¬†She told me I’d get to know about “Island time” which sounds like the clock I run on. ¬†People are really laid back here. ¬†She said I got here at a good time for weed harvesting.

I got dropped off at a place she said her daughter told her was a good hitchin spot.

I was walking down the highway, still the TransCanada even out here on Vancouver Island, just out of Nanaimo when a small blue jeep type car (I don’t know) pulled past me turning onto the highway as I looked at my map to make sure I was walking in the right direction.

The guy reminded me of Jack Black and he offered me a ride after I asked him for directions. ¬†He piled the boxes in the passenger seat into the back and we were off. ¬†He said, “I’d smoke you a J if I wasn’t working.” ¬†Real friendly. ¬†We talked about the forest fires and whatnot. ¬†When he dropped me off, about half an hour down the road, he gave me to nice sized buds which was sweet because the night before, as I walked from the ferry terminal to Nanaimo, some speed freak with a bag of golf clubs sold me a dime bag, when I only wanted $5 bucks worth, and it felt small so I was like, “I want my ten back” and him and his crackhead girlfriend screamed “Fuck off!!” ¬†I didn’t want to get beaten by golf clubs and have my guitar stolen so I let it slide. ¬†The bag he sold me turned out to be just leaves he picked off a tree or something.

I told Jack Black the story and thanked him for returning my faith in good people. ¬†“Karma,” he says, “what goes around comes around.” ¬†I got his # call and party sometime.