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I spent the whole weekend, my bags already packed, everything I owned on my back, at Freedomfest, a festival near Barrie for local bands.  My old band Settle For Less had played there previous years but we were defunct now.  That was one reason not to stay.

Also I’d moved so many times in the past year that my belongings had been whittled down to just a few things anyway so fitting everything I need in a backpack, rucksack and guitar case wasn’t too difficult.  People think freedom is being able to buy everything but it’s actually not owning anything.

Everyone was there, it was perfect.  It was very sneaky of me to make it my goodbye party.  It was a weekend long party with lots of great bands, some of which I knew and some not.  It was a great time for music in Barrie.

I got a ride from my old guitarist Dave’s drummer from his new band Junior (later to be renamed Fight Like Gentlemen).  They dropped me off on the TransCanada highway, said goodbye and drove off.  I wonder if everyone was expecting to see me back in town the next week.  I sat there, not even accustomed to hitchhiking at all, wondering if I’d get picked up and thinking about this being my last opportunity to waffle and just go back to Barrie.  But I couldn’t.  There was nothing left for me there…


Picked me up and said, “How’d you get way out here?”  The middle of nowhere is sometimes the reason you get picked up.

I went for a sip of my water and he offered me a beer!  From joints to beers, it’s a good day to catch a ride.  People are generous in this area but maybe I’m generalizing.

He asked me what I thought of the gay marriage issue and I told him I was all for it.  My older brother’s gay and even before I knew that I was arguing gay rights against some of my small-town friends in high school.  He asked if I was gay and I replied that I found women more attractive sexually.  With the curves and the smells and all..  So he says, “Hey, don’t knock it ’til you tried it!” I’ll just not knock it…

We got talking about kitchen work, we’d both worked in quite a few kitchens in our day.  I chugged the last of my beer as he dropped me off, a good ways down the highway but not at Regina yet.

In retrospect, he maybe thought of me the same way I thought about #15 earlier today.  “I picked up a hitchhiker today.  Surprisingly, no sex..”

I say this counts. Early in my wanderings throughout Winnipeg I’d hopped on a bus headed way out of town and rode ’til the end of the line. “Lost yet?” the driver asked. “Yep” I replied. We had a conversation, as he ate a sandwich, sitting at the last stop and he told me how he was headed for Victoria to drive busses.

So I’m walkin down Portage Street toward the perimeter of the city, passing bus stops and wondering where I went wrong in understanding which bus takes me as close to the city limits as possible. I find it hard to wait at a stop when I feel like I could be moving and miss a lot of busses that way. A bus stops behind me and I turn, considering taking it when, well kiss my gritts, it’s buddy from before!  He smiles and waves me on.  Although he’s not headed for the perimeter he tells me of one that’s headed “pretty damn close” and hands me a transfer.

Maybe I’ll see him in BC…

New Song!!!

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Check out my new song Bare Bones.  Careful, it’s heavy (you’ll wanna lift with your knees;-)

At Long Last!!

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Hey you can finally download free songs of mine from here!!!!  Check out the fancy widget to our right>>>>>


Download my songs/ listen to them.  There’s many more to come so sit tight.  They will all be popping up at a rapid pace as soon as I’m done school and I have some free time to do what I want.  After I have a semblance of a business plan for this site.  But for now:  Download away!  It’s free!  Why not?!  I might start charging to get these songs soon so as long as you’re not using them for commercial purposes, by all means, take take take!!!

Also check out my paintings and drop me a line if you’re interested in buying any of them.  I’ll get more of a description of them up soon i.e. dimensions etc.