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I was walking up the incline of a bridge a ways out of Sudbury past Copper Cliff. I didn’t even have my thumb out (I liked to start walking if I didn’t get a ride after a while.  I’m the same way with the bus, it makes me late) but he pulled up beside me, beeping his horn until I took my walkman off and saw him. He was headed to Manitoulin Island.. something to do with his daughter, the details of which I can’t quite remember.

He dropped me off at Espanola then showed me some photos of wood carvings he’d done. They were amazing!! And huge! He stood beside them in his pictures as they towered over him.

My destination
over this next hill

The sun bakes my skin
My sweat sets the baste
The sunblock starts to run
and drip down my face

My baggage weights more
as my shoulders get sore
My thirst gets worse
til my throat starts to hurt

Take my hat off
Let the wind blow through my hair
I’m always going somewhere
But I’ll never get there


Bruce?  Yeah, Bruce was his name.  Interesting job Bruce has got.  He drives around monitoring trucks with a radar gun, calling in the speeding ones to the company.  He says it gets boring sometimes and I guess that’s where I fit.

Very glad to get out of the rain and, especially, that rotten town of Ignance.

Bruce used to be in the army in Barrie.  He used to hitchhike in uniform until some kids in army gear killed a priest.  Truth is stranger than fiction, I guess ’cause it’s random.  Today I’m dodging raindrops.  The weather’s a shorter conversation when it’s good.

It took me so long and got me nowhere

It took me so long and got me nowhere