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After asking around I found out I was right near the ferry to Nanaimo which I could catch and hitch down to Victoria tomorrow.  I stood at the side of the road, shivering in the setting sun and glancing at my watch, unsure how far of a drive it was and sure the last ferry was at nine.  A taxi van pulled the bend with it’s four way flashers on and I pulled out my wallet and waved it in the air.

The driver was a beturbaned middle eastern dude.  He said how he’d seen me on his first pass and radioed someone to pick me up and saw me still there on his way back.  He was talking on his radio in his own language and I thought about how different the sounds of the words were from english.  I think it uses less sharp sounds.  It makes me think of how much people that get frustrated by people with accents makes me sick.

He said it would be about $40 but it was only $20.  Still, my poor visa.

I made it to the last ferry with a few minutes to spare.


…….I’m Stoned. I’m sitting on the side of the road, 20 feet off the transCanada eating a carrot and hoping I don’t get picked up before this weed wears off. I was sitting on the side of the road but a house (literally a real house) was turning on to the highway so I thought I should move in case it made a wide turn.  And I’m a little stoned to talk right now.

The guy that picked me up lit a joint to smoke and talked really fast.  I was playing guitar when he stopped and I didn’t see him until he got out and waved in my field of vision.  I was right at the crescendo too.  His accent was hard to understand but I managed.  A farmer, I think he knew alot about alot of stuff I don’t know alot about.

So here I am at Goddamn not even 10 past 12 and I’ve been up over 6 hours.  Crack of dawn, woke up at the drive-in and watched the sunrise, walked a ways and sat down and played.  I have a funny image of someone seeing me scribbling furiously in my sketch book and saying, “I wonder what he’s drawing,”  when they catch my eye and I swing around the sign – REGINA.

I don’t even wanna move today.  Maybe later.  Someone just threw me a banana.  That’s cool.

I’m excer-

I think it’s time to move.  “Get up, Trevor.  Get..Up!”

Thoughts on Music:  Music with substance.  It’s not the number of rhymes or alliteration or poetic devices.  They’re just the tricks.  It’s how you use them to say what you need to say-the same as purposefully not rhyming or leading to the expectation to say one thing then saying another.  Great lyrics say complex things clearly.