47 Rides – #36 No Hitchhiking. Pickup is Illegal

Posted: February 28, 2012 in 47 Rides
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These damned “no hitchiking. Pickup is illegal” signs!  So after a good long walk down the highway (away from the sign only to end up in front of another and have to continue)  we’re picked up in an unexpected spot where the shoulder is shy but apparently sufficient.

I’m getting tired of Brian telling everyone he’s been hitching with me since Kenora ON.  It screws up my stories and degrades my accomplishments but I guess it’s better for him than saying he just got out of jail.  We’re starting to get our stories straight but I don’t think we need to pitch it to anyone unless it comes up.

This guy that drove us to the skirts of Kelowna was real friendly and clean cut.  Still a long ways from town but it sure beats the side of the highway, in the middle of nowhere, beside a sign that says NO HITCHHIKING

I need to sleep for a week to really loathe being lazy

  1. Jessie, England says:

    The signs don’t have a period. They’re run-on sentences. In fact, it’s telling you that to not pick up a hitch hiker is illegal – so therefore you are obliged to pick up a hitch hiker. Not what they meant, I know. But maybe they should go back to English class.

    “No hitch hiking pickup is illegal”

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