The Saskatoon writings..

Posted: February 21, 2012 in 47 Rides
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 This is a bit on a sidebar, some writings in a small cheap hotel in Saskatoon.

I guess if you wanna get your money’s worth you take mushrooms with an empty stomach and not half a roasted chicken.  I tried to jump start them with beer and hash but I think this is about as intense as they’re getting.  I have a feeling they’ll last a while though.  Although maybe there is no buzz and never was.  Not just now but ever.  Taking the intoxicant just triggers the memory of that state of mind.  There is definitely a variety of potency related to whatever is taken that is unrelated to the mind that it affects (or infects if you wanna be cynical..or paranoid with the preciousness of life)   Worried about the affect on the functional ability of one’self.  Untrusting of the infinity of the human spirit that only knows finity within the belief of such finity.  The human spirit is indomitable and is only defeat by itself.

The dilemma becomes the sense of purpose which is never in any sense universal to everyone.  Everyone has the path to walk or rather the forest to navigate.  The choice of path is subject to debate by the question of fate.  Fate asks the question:  “Is my path already chosen” for the comfort of being able to stumble forward into whatever life is to be lead, the comfort of a slave.

Within “time” the fate of the past IS already written and the “future” as well after the passing through of the moment.  But the moment is the miracle – of the chance happening or that stroke of luck.  Fate is not a dictator and does not even pertain to the future at all.  In fact the future does not even exist.  Never has, never will.  As soon as the future becomes the moment it ceases to exist or rather, never actually comes into being.  Thoughts of the future are completely futile compared to what one does with the moment.

The moment is all and not to be wasted planning for the next.  I find acting out a moment planned for makes me feel guilty for it’s redundancy.  Like seeing a funny part in a movie and laughing even though it was in the trailer and I saw it coming.  You cant help the mind fantasizing and wandering into the future but it must be resisted so not to ruin the surprise of  or get hopes up for the Moment.

The past makes me sad

The future makes me mad

Moment to moment

is all you ever have


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