47 Rides – #32 and a 1/2 Hell’s Angel

Posted: January 24, 2012 in 47 Rides
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Where I had gotten to was Kamloops.  I’m gonna stray a bit from only talking about the people who gave me rides so I can tell you how I got to bed that night.

I walked downhill from the outskirts of town towards the center as far as I could see it.  I was stopped and looking around by a gas station when a big guy in a leather jacket asked me, “Do you know where you’re goin?”  It was pretty obvious that I didn’t and I tried to act like I did but he knew where the shelter was so I went with him.  I took comfort in having a knife in my pocket.  He was a really nice guy though, Hell’s Angel with rotted teeth, but very helpful.  He led me to the shelter and told me about two places that give out meals.  There was an hour til the shelter closed it’s doors for the night so we sat outside and he regaled me with horrible prison stories and fights and stuff as I smoked and listened.

  1. David Green says:

    Hey Trevor,

    It’s David from mixing class. I remembered I wrote down your site so I thought I would check it out. 47 rides is a fantastic story, even if it is a little weird reading it backwards. I think I left off around Sioux Lookout. I’m saving the rest for later. I listened to your tracks while reading. Very cool, very different to what I write so it was a nice change. Seriously though, very cool journey, always wish I had done something like that.

    See ya,

    Another Oakvillian, they’re everywhere.

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