47 Rides – #29 Decision and futile shortcuts

Posted: December 27, 2011 in 47 Rides
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I awoke and looked out the window.  The forest is full of smoke!!  I burnt down Banff!

I soon realized that’s just what clouds look like against the mountains..

The decision to leave came early and suddenly as I looked at myself in the mirror at the Banff hostel and realized I couldn’t stop until I got to Van City.  I had been tossing around the idea of getting a job cooking in Banff and staying there for awhile.  But I couldn’t settle yet.  So I wrote a sign – VAN – and headed out.  I chuckled to myself as I pondered peoples reaction to reading the sign; “Why’s he want a ride in a van specifically?”

I hiked through the woods in an estimated shortcut to the highway guided by pure direction sense.  And to my surprise I was right.  I got picked up walking the road to the highway exit and got whisked to an exit on the other side of Banff, to my advantage but making my intuitive hike through the wilderness futile.

Nice guy.  If I’d recorded this earlier I could probably recall something memorable but no impression was left except that he thought he might see me again.  Oh yeah, and his name was Kenny.


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