47 Rides – #28 Dylan Part 2

Posted: December 13, 2011 in 47 Rides
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So I wake up.  Black.  Where am I?  Saskatoon?  Gotta get back to the hostel..  Oh wait, I remember.  I’m camping.

Shouldn’t the fire be inside the circle?  I should do something about that.  Stomp Stomp.  That’s not working.  Water?  No?  This is serious..  Beer?  Tears roll down my cheeks as the heavenly liquid screams and evaporates on the embers.  Still some heaters left..no more liquids…?  Well maybe one.  Zzip.

That should do it..

So I wake up.  Dark blue.  Uh-oh.  That’s spreading.  Water in the car GO.  Up the mountain.  Locked door. Locked door.  Open door!  Sweet.  I tried not to wake up the girls, who were sleeping in their truck next to Dylan’s car, but I couldn’t get the door shut so I had to slam it a few times and eventually leave it which the girls later said they thought was someone trying to break in.  So I’m barrelin down the mountain with empty water bottles to the lake at the bottom.

On my way up I lost track of the campsite.  Can’t find the fire.  Can’t find the fire.  There it is!  With the water and some stomping with a rock – with one to my finger that blood-blistered my fingertip and bruised the nail – it was out.  Pretty much..


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