47 Rides – #27 The French Chick

Posted: November 29, 2011 in 47 Rides
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Her name was Christine and she was going to be in BC next week so we should meet up.  She gave me her email which she says she doesn’t check very often so this is a real long shot.  Her “dude” didn’t seem to think he “wasn’t really her boyfriend” but he was real nice nonetheless.  They had a cool van full of a bed and sink and stuff.  One window was smashed in to prevent locking the keys inside.

They dropped me off at the hostel around 8 or so and I walked in right in time for pancakes.  I had one with a cup of coffee which is probably why I couldn’t sleep.  I’ve known myself to drink a coffee when I’m tired and pass right out only to wake up in an hour full of energy.  Not this time though.  I stared at the bunk above me for about half an hour and resolved myself to hittin the road.

Banff bound, I packed up everything, strapped it on my back and hoofed it to the bus stop


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