47 Rides – #26 The Long Ride to the Bar

Posted: November 22, 2011 in 47 Rides
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A ride to the bar is a ride nonetheless, though I had no idea how far it would take me.  It started with a movie.  Riding In Cars With Boys.  “We wont pick out a chick flick”,  claimed these two girls I’d been hanging out with.  We’d gone to Cowboys the night before for $1 draft which sounds good but they were, like, dixie cups and rancid.  One of the girls got food poisoning.  At any rate, Cowboys was huge and crazy and tonight we were taking it easy.

The movie was funny for what I saw but I left around where it started getting to the serious part, mainly because this dude we were watching the movie with was heading out to the bar with these two other girls that wanted to get going.

Adam was his name.  He was thinking about checking out a couple of underground type DJs that were supposed to be playing but the girls wanted to go to “The Palace”.  You’ve been there.  It’s your standard hootchie bar, choking with perfume and Axe deodorant.

The lineup stretched halfway down the block so we left the girls to find out where the DJs were playing.  It took searching the town to the point of abandoning all hope to end up at The Underground at 1 am.  Looking for the silver lining I figured I wouldn’t spend much if I was only drinking for an hour.  $12 cover!  MuthrFuckr!  Oh well, beers must be cheap.  Lets try a Grasshopper.  $5.25!  Shit.  Well, here I am.  Might as well enjoy the situation.

Adam tells me a few things to lighten the situation.  Things like:  “I just heard it’s open til 7 am here” and “this place makes me wanna do E”.  We found two Blue Mushroom pills were supposedly heavy with speed.  I knew I was feeling the effects when I asked the girl standing across from me how she was doing.  It was her first time here in 12 years.  “How old are you?”, “How old do you think?”, “26” lowballing even though it didn’t make sense with the 12 years thing, “30, how old are you?”, “22”, “Hahahahaha”.  She reminds me of someone I don’t remember but would have gone for Hallowe’en as a sexy kitty-cat.  I gave up on her after awhile whether because of lack of focus from me or interest from her.

I wound up dancing with this Quebecois chick with a Sailor Moon hairdo and some dude she said “wasn’t really her boyfriend”.  I literally danced non-stop all night until 7 in the morning when even the DJ was surprised there was so many of us still there.  Adam left with a girl some time earlier so I got a ride back to the hostel with the french chick and her guy..

  1. Carmen says:

    This ends exactly how I hoped it would 🙂

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