A Wry Retort To Sorrow

Posted: November 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

That’s gonna be the new album name (instead of No Mistake Unmade).  I think it encapsulates the theme a little better.  I’ve discovered that by restricting my current album to 5 songs I’ve consequently denied myself the recourse of writing new songs when my head feels like exploding.  That can’t be healthy.  So the album could very well be more than 5 songs depending on how strong of feelings life evokes in me in the next little while.

I was thinking the other day about perspective of emotions and how a tumultuous life makes for such great interesting stories.  Although I value happiness over prosperity and status and crap, I even value sorrow over these because I write songs to deal with it.  I can’t write about being happy, I’m afraid I’d lose my edge (as if anyone’s paying attention).  Happiness is satisfaction and then where’s the drive?  I’ve done a lot of work on this album and I still have a lot to do but none of it can hold a candle to the research.


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