47 Rides – #25 Kiwi to Calgary

Posted: November 15, 2011 in 47 Rides
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Did I write this already?  No, that was an email.

I was waiting not ten minutes, I had a good spot by a stop sign headed to the highway, when this guy from New Zealand picked me up.  He’d travelled around a lot and was now investigating insurance claims in Calgary.  He told me about a friend he had in Scotland who owned a hostel by a castle.  I forget the name.  Rock something?  I don’t know.  But yeah, I should check out Scotland sometime..

He was settled with his wife and kids now and his buddy is still traveling which he envies so I said, “Wellp.  The grass is always greener.”

Good convo.  Easier to talk to than anyone else today.  Maybe I’m just waking up.  He drove me around Calgary a bit so I could get my bearings.  He dropped me off where he thought the Y was but it turned out to be the YWCA.  So I found the nearest HI hostel which is really nice..  but yeah, good rides today.  Friendly people around here


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