New Music

Posted: January 30, 2011 in Music in Process

Alright here’s what’s happenin’:  I’ve recorded the drums and bass for a new song called Rearrange The Cage so all I need to do is acoustic/electric guitar, the vocals and an orchestral accompaniment on the bridge and then mix and you’ll be seeing it in the player.  <—–

I’ve also written a song on piano that should record pretty quick so watch out for that one too.  The titles either gonna be “I think I’ll take up smoking” or “Scars Like These”.  Tell me what you think.

I’ve also got a song on the acoustic (you can find a webcam video of it on the site here) that should come together pretty easy so you’ll be seeing that.  It’s called ‘Wasted Energy” but I might change that but, no, I think that’s good.  We’ll see.

Also, I have drums recorded for the songs from my old band Settle For Less in Barrie ON played by Will Proctor.  I’ve gonna record scratch vocals over them and send them to Dave Murray in Barrie where he’ll record the guitar and send back to me and I’ll get the bass recorded on there and get Reuben Naveau on his guitar parts and vocals on “Clean Up This Mess”.  This might take awhile but it’ll be great to have good versions of the old stuff.  Songs are: “Free”, “Clean Up This Mess”, “Liar Liar”, “Sally”, “Kidnapping”  and “Bored By 26”.  I’d love to get “Fucked Up State of Mind” recorded but it’s a pretty complex one so nobody remembers all the parts so until we get our hands on an old recording that one’ll have to wait.  Maybe I’ll do my own version ’cause I really like the lyrics.  I’ve been thinking maybe an orchestral version, timpani and all that.

Alright, that’s what’s happenin’.  I’ll try to do more of these currant creativity updates more often.  It’s weird I’d never thought of doing one before.


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