47 Rides – #22 In Exchange For Advice

Posted: November 28, 2010 in 47 Rides
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Alright!  3 rides before noon!  Well here’s the first..

Hoofin down the street in Edmonton, stoked to be moving forward again after a 4 day stay (Edmonton’s a pretty hep burg but I don’t think it’d ever be worth it to stick out a winter there) I walked it almost right out of town.  Well that’s not really true; I was still on the bus route so I stopped on a bench to catch a ride to the outskirts.

Waiting there, a guy came up to me and asked what it was like hitchin’.  He was headed to Peterborough tomorrow and was thinking of hitchhiking there.  We shot the shit for a while and as he got up to leave he offered me a ride to the outskirts (getting that karma collected).  He was doing about the same thing I was except in the opposite direction.

He was headed to meet a girl on a kind of open ended invite and to then prospectively head on afterwards.  It didn’t sound too promising for him.  I wished him luck although luck’s probably not the right word..

So he dropped me off on the ‘skirts and down the highway I walked…

… perspicacity?


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