This one was an intentional bus ride, for the sake of getting from Saskatoon on to Edmonton.  It makes me appreciate having hitched the rest of the way.  The country looks a lot better through the front windshield than from the side.  After reading for a bit from Hunter Thompson’s “The Great Shark Hunt” I listened to the rest of the Faith No More tape I picked up yesterday with the refund of some crap headphones I had bought.  Now I’m listening to Mars Volta and writing this.  I guess it’s a little useless to report on a ride that not finished yet…….

The fidgety girls beside me just puked in a bag to my surprise, not noticing ’til her heaves turned to coughs.  Now I’m sitting where the mother was, on the opposite side to let a couple sit together where I was.  The mother and the heaving little girl are now at the front.  The seat here is much more declined than I dared in my other chair.


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