47 Rides – #19 The Good Samaritan and Pity

Posted: September 9, 2010 in 47 Rides
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I almost forgot!  Limping down Alberta St. “downtown;-)” Regina, carrying all my stuff, a girl named Ivy gave me a ride saying, “I’ll give you a ride if you promise not to hurt me or anything.” I thanked her profusely, having kinda been staring around helplessly hoping someone would help me out.

I had gotten off the bus at nowhere and started backtracking.  My foot’s been killing me and I’m walking with a pretty noticeable limp.  It’s been a long couple of past days…  Sweet pity’s carrying me across Canada when I’m too tired to walk.

She drove me to the Regina hostel while I regaled her with my story.  Even though I’m shuffling around in pain I can tell this is a beautiful town.  It’s all city like but sometimes it’s dead silent.

Dumb luck is the purest form of luck.  Getting good at life has something to do with paying attention to the rhythms your given.  The key is predicting where the rhythm will modify.

Very hard to define, but easy to recognize….


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