47 Rides – #18 Trucker II

Posted: September 2, 2010 in 47 Rides
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I like truckers.  More specifically I like riding in the the trucks and I like how they always take me real far.  This one was a cool old dude.

Old-timer, always talking about something thing that happened in ’59 or ’73 or telling clever little jokes like “I spilled spot remover on my dog and he dissappeared.”  He said it’s nice to have someone to ride with:  “I tell myself jokes but I’ve heard most of them.”  I like that he said ‘most’:)

We stopped for coffee in Whiteriver(?)  We told jokes and chatted away.  It was alot easier to talk in the diner.  The A/C in the truck was broken so all the windows were open and it was hard to hear.

Good man.  Nice friendly down to earth guy.  Just what I need after the last few crazy dayz…

We got to Regina but not before watching the skyscrapers fade right out of the sky way before we were even close to it.  I guess that’s the thing about it being totally flat out here

  1. bwinwnbwi says:

    Hi. So I see you like hitchhiking. Cool! I used to do that in my younger days. It seems wordpress doesn’t like the fact that I am posting some of my old journals on hitchhiking and that’s one of the reasons I’m commenting here. The other reason is that yes, hitchhiking is not only a memorable experience, it is also a life affirming experience. All the key words I put in my blogs are not recorded–meaning that word-press ignores them. For instance, hitchhiking, which I have used often has never appeared under the hitchhiking category which is how I got here. It’s not that you should care, it’s only that I have had too much to drink tonight; so now it’s time to go to bed. Thanks for listening!

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