47 Rides – #14 …………………

Posted: August 5, 2010 in 47 Rides
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…….I’m Stoned. I’m sitting on the side of the road, 20 feet off the transCanada eating a carrot and hoping I don’t get picked up before this weed wears off. I was sitting on the side of the road but a house (literally a real house) was turning on to the highway so I thought I should move in case it made a wide turn.  And I’m a little stoned to talk right now.

The guy that picked me up lit a joint to smoke and talked really fast.  I was playing guitar when he stopped and I didn’t see him until he got out and waved in my field of vision.  I was right at the crescendo too.  His accent was hard to understand but I managed.  A farmer, I think he knew alot about alot of stuff I don’t know alot about.

So here I am at Goddamn not even 10 past 12 and I’ve been up over 6 hours.  Crack of dawn, woke up at the drive-in and watched the sunrise, walked a ways and sat down and played.  I have a funny image of someone seeing me scribbling furiously in my sketch book and saying, “I wonder what he’s drawing,”  when they catch my eye and I swing around the sign – REGINA.

I don’t even wanna move today.  Maybe later.  Someone just threw me a banana.  That’s cool.

I’m excer-

I think it’s time to move.  “Get up, Trevor.  Get..Up!”

Thoughts on Music:  Music with substance.  It’s not the number of rhymes or alliteration or poetic devices.  They’re just the tricks.  It’s how you use them to say what you need to say-the same as purposefully not rhyming or leading to the expectation to say one thing then saying another.  Great lyrics say complex things clearly.


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