47 Rides – #13 Hail to the Busdriver

Posted: July 29, 2010 in 47 Rides
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I say this counts. Early in my wanderings throughout Winnipeg I’d hopped on a bus headed way out of town and rode ’til the end of the line. “Lost yet?” the driver asked. “Yep” I replied. We had a conversation, as he ate a sandwich, sitting at the last stop and he told me how he was headed for Victoria to drive busses.

So I’m walkin down Portage Street toward the perimeter of the city, passing bus stops and wondering where I went wrong in understanding which bus takes me as close to the city limits as possible. I find it hard to wait at a stop when I feel like I could be moving and miss a lot of busses that way. A bus stops behind me and I turn, considering taking it when, well kiss my gritts, it’s buddy from before!  He smiles and waves me on.  Although he’s not headed for the perimeter he tells me of one that’s headed “pretty damn close” and hands me a transfer.

Maybe I’ll see him in BC…


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