I was walking down to the library to sign the petition but they weren’t there. They were supposed to be there til 7.
As I walked home I passed a businessman poking at a grate surrounding a sidewalk tree. He was digging with his keys and with his fingers. I was waiting for the light to change so I asked him if he needed help.
We tried to lift the grate together but it seemed to be stuck on something.
Some people gathered around and someone asked if he had lost something, “Yes. Something very valuable” said the businessman.
One guy helped with the grate. I didn’t look at his face but he had big hands and a large red stoned ring. We all lifted the grate together and he quickly grabbed the shiny silver disc. He said something about something Bill Clinton had said about good deeds..
He came over and shook my paint stained hand. It was a sobriety chip.


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