47 Rides – #10 Peanut Butter Cookie

Posted: July 8, 2010 in 47 Rides
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Solemn and thoughtful though friendly.  The pickup truck was air-conditioned to my relief.  He offered me a warm Diet Pepsi and a large peanut butter cookie.  Mark was his name.  Big dude.  He had just gotten back from fishing and was headed to “Sault Lookout” (is that the name?), a place he was obviously very fond of.  He made comments I understood but was at a loss to respond to.  Like when he dropped me off I thanked him for the ride and he said, “You kept me company more than I did you.”  That’s nice….

He said Winnipeg and Sault Lookout (that still sounds wrong) were rough places.  He added that he was a cop to explain how he knew.  I had seen a police hat when I got in but forgotten it instantly, discarding it as a novelty item.  At this I searched my mind over the past conversation for drug references or anti-cop slander.  Nothing I think.

Nice guy.  As I left he handed me some change for coffee.

I’m still a long ways from Winnipeg.  I told you it was far..


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