47 Rides – #6 TeePee Man

Posted: June 10, 2010 in 47 Rides
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A strange fellow driving a Honda Civic.  He proudly showed off the McGyvering skills he had used on his steering wheel, which had the top chunk cut out so he could see his speedometer, and sunroof, which he kept held on with plastic fasteners.  He told me stories about how he lived in a large TeePee (at first I thought he said he had a TV.  25 feet!!  Holy Shit!…and you lived in it…?)  insulating it for the winter with stuff from the dump, carpet samples, couch cushions and heating it with a stove.

He wore glasses, had a shaved head and a mustache trimmed short.  I wouldn’t say he was a skid per-say but definitely not your average joe.  I guess you could say he had his shit together, relatively speaking.

Though the car was fairly packed we passed another hitchhiker with a “Room for one more?”  I said sure, keepin up on my karma, and we pulled over.  I squeezed into the back with deals of alternating spots at stops.

Peter was the mans name and Jamie was our new passenger.  Jamie’s Dad makes and repairs guitars.  “Magnets for fixing cracks?  I’ll have to remember that.”  Peter was headed for Edson near Edmonton to drop off his car.  Jamie to B.C.  These are the things I learned about them, the details I didn’t.

The trip to Thunderbay was long and drawn out by short nod offs with long dreams.  We all stayed at a hostel some distance from town-which I tried to walk to the next day(see next time)  Peter made chowder with melba toast, Nutella, peanut butter and trail mixx for us and Jamie smoked us a joint.  We sat in the hostel’s common room and watched “Man on the Moon”, a movie which I later saw in a laundry mat, like one of those things you notice and then you see it everywhere.

This looks like something I’ve seen in a dream

Like deja vu, I wonder what it means


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