47 Rides – #3 1/2 The Blackout

Posted: May 27, 2010 in 47 Rides
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I was in Sault Ste. Marie at the time of the big “east coast blackout” in ’03. As a matter of fact I was in the welfare office seeing if I could stretch a dollar for my trek by staying at the hostel for free since I was unemployed at the time (obviously..well, busking excluded). I was in an office where the lady that was assisting me left the room to checkout my case and see if I qualified. As I was waiting the lights went out. I thought they forgot I was in there so I got up to remind them. Just as I got my stuff together the lady came back in and told me the power had gone out so they’d just set me up at the hostel for the night.

I walked back to the hostel and realized the power was out all over town and heard rumors about it being out all over Ontario and later heard it stretched as far as New York!  It worked out good for me since I later found out I didn’t qualify for any type of assistance but that night I stayed at the hostel for free. After dropping off my stuff I grabbed a flashlight and went around looking to see if anybody needed help.

No one did since it was a very sunny day so I ended up at a partially enclosed stage down by the beach that I got up on and played my guitar for an hour or so to whoever walked by that wanted to stop and listen.  As I packed my guitar into it’s case a boy with his father who had been watching came up to me and handed me a buck.  It was a good gig.


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