It’s easy to be overwhelmed because, humans, we’re not exactly designed to take in the whole world.  We are the wild card species that turned out capable enough to take over everything.  Congradufuckulations.  It’s a hell of a responsibility that, nobody really seems up for.  But there are a plethora of things that are over looked by the overwhelmed.

First of all it must be stated that oil dependancy is ridiculous.  So I’m like, “hey, once oil runs out, we wont have to worry about global warming.”  Ideally, sure.  Except that everything plastic will then be impossible to make.  Recycling ain’t lookin so futile now, is it?  But there is a process called Thermal Depolymerization (google it) that turns trash right back into oil.  So why are we fucking with tarsands and offshore drilling!?  Cleaning up trash and creating new oil?  I don’t think all those oil execs would like the idea of doing good in the world.  Well that’s their racket and lets all hope they die horrible deaths.

But speaking of karma, lets face it, nobody specifically “gets theirs” the way you think they should.  I imagine that those super-rich 1% types are endlessly unsatisfied, obviously, and I suppose could easily be classified as sociopaths.  So are sociopaths ever happy?  That’s a good question.  Wanna know a better question?  What about the way our world works takes into account our happiness?  …. priorities?  Anyways..

To come full circle:  the world is incredibly complex and it’s amazing that we even understand this much of it.  And, if we’re sharp enough, we’ll squeak through the transition between oil (obviously finite) and alternatives with out massive suffering…

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