It’s not even funny anymore (in kind of a funny way)

Posted: February 12, 2010 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity
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It can’t help but be funny it’s too crazy.

What’s security?  What’s freedom?  They’re contradictory.  They’re both “good” supposedly.  It seems obvious that there’s some kind of grey area.  In fact, isn’t grey area all there ever has been?  Anything that’s not scientifically proven  shows shades of grey.  Let’s face it.  We’re all Goddamn humans.  Hey, sure, we’re competitive.  If we weren’t the Neanderthal might still be co-existing around with us (they disappeared shortly after first contact with us).  That’d be interesting. A similar race to bounce philosophies off of.

But it seems painfully obvious that we’ve outgrown our competitive instinct.  Good vs Evil for example.  That’s a good one.  Like how drugs are labeled “bad” and yet by doing so, making them illegal, they become the main source of income for organized crime.  If they were legal and regulated like alcohol then crime syndicates would cease being lucrative.  What are they gonna do for money?  Murder?

But if drugs were legal and anyone could decide to use them whenever they wanted, then wouldn’t everyone just be fucked up all the time?  What  kind of people do you know?  Boy, I’d love to try heroine.  Too bad it’s illegal..  No.  Addicts would deal with their baggage the same way addicts do today.  Addiction is one of many symptoms of a multi-symptomed society.  If you had a society that promotes something that was actually realistic, that your work made sense, that you had a real purpose in serving society, (you wouldn’t see so many glorified rebels), if society actually had our real interests at heart then the world would be accepting of our (fairly new) capability to view the world as one whole world entity (and entirely connected) system and decide what to do in all of our best interests.  We, the humans, invented the monetary system.  Now we serve it.  For what?  Products scheduled to break.  Incompatible updates to new technologies (now you gotta buy a whole new system).  Unbridled waste.

‘Cause no matter what you believe, we’re runnin’ out.  Of what?  Everything.  If anything’s finite, we’re using the last of it.  Plastic:  made from oil.  Saudi Arabia, source of a quarter of the worlds oil supply, they’re drilling offshore.  Not the most efficient method.  And water, since fresh water’s being wasted like it’s gonna replace itself somehow.  We need to set up desalinization plants around all oceanside land which takes a lot of energy to run so we need sustainable energy running them and this all is going to take a lot of work.  The sooner we start the better chance we have.  We need water.

Or maybe nothing ever runs out and life is just dreamy.  It would be nice not to have to consider my own contribution to the worlds ruin.  I can totally see how appealing that could be to believe in.  But if I don’t trust scientists in their own fields then who could I ever believe?  Does the scientific method mean anything to anybody?  It’s purpose is that which can be proved with as many variables eliminated as possible.

My favorite surmise to the debate about how trustworthy the past decade of climate scientists are is thus:  The credibility of a scientist is as important to them as profits are to an oil company. (kinda sums up where the motives of the counter-argument as well)


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