Scared and Ashamed

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity
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Climate Change refers to human activities affect on the worlds temperature. Unless you don’t believe scientists. The world does look flat and the sun appears to revolve around the earth.

But I came to a realization recently that was sparked by this email “scandal”. Since most of the press is based on the idea and not the content and it seemed impossible for people to actually buy into that.  A blip on the credibility of one model that doesn’t even show any evidence of Global Warming.

And then I realized what should have been obvious: People are scared and ashamed.  And afraid because they have to change the only way they know how to live. It’s hard for people to change. But we simply must and it’s not as scary as it sounds.

Don’t be scared, don’t be ashamed but take due responsibility. A far better world is possible.


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