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Here’s a good word that I’ve been hearing a lot lately so lets rhyme it.

.. suspiciousness

.. ridiculous

.. ambivalence

.. admits to it

.. and misses it

.. and this is it

.. magnificent

.. possesses us

.. is limitless

.. in listlessness

Notice how the rhymes don’t necessarily rhyme with each other.  This “shaping” of the rhyme can be very useful.  You can start with one word in a song that has, say, 4 lines in a row that rhyme, and shape the rhyme to be completely different by the end.  Example:

So Bush was bad and Obama’s the Antithesis

Left or right and still the media possesses us

Left to fight through propaganda increasingly scandalous

Til we forget the part about pursuit of happiness

So that’s kinda American themed and me being Canadian.  It’s not my fault The Daily Show is so great!

And maybe that’s also not the best example of “shaping” a rhyme but I think it’s pretty good for making it up on the spot.  And you can see the importance of rhyming loosely to say what you want to say.


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