I grew up in the ’90s when apathy was cool.  Maybe I’m getting old but what the kids seem to be into today is willful ignorance (I think that’s what they call it).  When all the problems of the world are coming to dinner, out there in the open almost daring anyone to do something about them, how is nothing still getting done?  Oh wait, shut up!  Stephan Harper’s playing the piano.

What a kick in the face that was to anybody paying attention, eh?  Harper makes deep cuts to arts funding in Canada saying “ordinary folks don’t care about the arts” and then appears on stage covering a Beatles song and up goes his approval ratings.  Haha, get it!?  He’s being ironic I think!

Yeah, ordinary Canadians don’t care about the arts.  They’re to focused on their two jobs, the family they never get to see and keeping up with buying all the newest cars, computers and other crap they don’t need.  They don’t have time for anything that is fulfilling or that makes them happy.

That’s something else there seems to be an inexplicable disconnect from, happiness.  Everyone’s up in arms when anything threatens their FREEDOM but happiness no one seems too attached to.  What they ARE attached to is stuff and ironically the more stuff you got the less free you are. Full circle!

So we’re working crappy jobs that we hate because they’re unfulfilling because they’re made up jobs designed to keep the economy going after all our jobs were taken by machines.  Damn rich machines!  Now, shouldn’t all this time freed up by not having to work labour jobs lead to a society with more time dedicated to the arts?  You’d think so.

If getting stuff makes you happy you should realize how gluttonous that is and feel appropriately bad about it.  If you really want to be happy create something, do something creative or do something for someone else.  I suggest getting creative about your survival because there’s happier ways to live and there’s a more fulfilling society possible.  Someone’s just gotta think of it..


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