My letter to gov’t officials concerning Bill C-6

Posted: September 19, 2009 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity
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This would seem to be absolutely unbelievable and yet here we are.

I trust you know the whole argument over Bill C-6 so I wont reiterate too much of what’s already been said.  I do, however, want to make it perfectly clear:  Passing this bill hurts You and Me and everyone we know.

The “civilized” world seems to be spiraling down into an Orwelian dystopia.  At what point do YOU say, “Wait a second.  I went into politics to make a difference, to raise the Quality of the world we live in.”  Or maybe I’m wrong and you went into politics to cater to Big Business, Big PHARMA and everyone else who has plenty of money and all they want is more of it.

The simple right to food that is good for us is a basic right of being alive!  Should we be less healthy then our primitive ancestors?  Have we no aspirations as a species to achieve something better for ourselves?  Anyone who eats healthy knows the effect it can have on the quality of their life.  More energy, more motivation.  It makes more sense, for the efficiency of our society, to raid McDonalds and fine them exorbitant amounts of dollars for peddling low quality, unnatural, unnutritious food products.  Does that not make sense?  What kind of a world are we trying to make here?

You’re in politics and I respect that.  You can affect things, shape the way the world works.  I sure it’s very difficult because from where I’m standing it appears that nothing productive is actually being accomplished amongst the bombardment of everyone pushing in their own agenda, trying to make themselves as wealthy and successful as possible.  I’m sure it’s very easy to lose sight of the big picture when this is what you deal with every day.

But please, I implore, a view of the big picture in this issue, and ideally all issues, is so very necessary.  It’s obvious that this bill does nothing except an insulting disservice to peaceful people that just want to live.  How could YOU let this happen?  You obviously can’t.  It would be inhuman.

But you are in politics and I am not and perhaps there is some reason that I don’t understand why this is good for us but please, ask yourself this, you who shape the world I live in, ask this of any bill you pass:  Is this taking us deeper into a dystopian society of an unhappy, suspicious and volatile populous or will this facilitate a more effective society, an efficient and happier society, a more gratified society that feels their public officials are there for them and are glad they’re there.

Thanks for your time and I hope you do the right thing.

Trevor Porter


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