Rant and/or rave

Posted: July 31, 2009 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity


Well this is my forum so I’m gonna use it right(!/?)

It seems to me the persuasive effect of advertising is saturated.  Effective, sure, but saturated none the less.  It seems to me that anyone with any self-esteem takes a bullshit analysis of every commercial they see.  Granted, they seem to be on to how smart people actually are and hire believable characters for commercials (although McDonalds, richer then them all, still comes out corny every time)  But this is a valuable skill, being able to see the difference between lies, marketing, spin and the truth.  You’d think there’d be laws against lying to everyone but the truth is so subjective.  How could you enforce it without trampling peoples rights?

I think the idea of a clear cut sollution-No wait! the lack of a clear cut solution has allowed greedy people to take advantage of a well intentioned system.  And it seems like everything that gets done is a long arduous process but really(!) how long does it take to make an obvious decision?  Pretty fuckin long, my good sirs and madams, pretty fuckin long.  Would we want it possible to make faster decisions?  Hells no!  If it was easier for them we’ld be fitted with RFID chips already.  So it’s really kinda lose/lose.  You’d just think though, that anyone with any sense, their only job being to assist in running one country, their life’s duty, big wage, access to staff assistance…… couldn’t you inform yourself decently enough to take a bit of a birds eye on what’s important and what’s trivial?  Wouldn’t it be obvious that what you do is either hurting or helping people (and how could you not be inclined towards the later)

Maybe I can’t understand politicians because I’ve never been one.  But I’m a human.  I think.  Is a lack of creativity their fault?  Is narrow mindedness a prerequisite for politicians?  I think you would have to be a masochist to voluntarily relate to these people in your day to day work place let alone debate with them.  Not that they deserve alot of money.  Woaho-ho don’t get me started on the rich.

Well that’ll do for tonight.  Remember kids: politics are overcomplicated so people like you and me don’t realize that it’s actually quite simple if you take out the interests of the rich and persuasive, we have the technology to live much longer than ever before but we wont cos peoples gots to sell stuffs.  And the world wont end in 2012 (the mayan calender ends there cos they thought that would be long enough to count.  I, myself don’t bother with a 4009 calender just yet.  Or 2013 for that matter) but they want you to think so so that you give into those shopping sprees and indulgences they’ve lain out for you.  The fearful are easily manipulated.

One more thing:  I’ve lately been finding high-heels really repulsive.  I see girls staggering around in them and I think, “So, they’re cashing in their spines for a lil NOWFLAVA.  wow livin on the edge.  Yeah!  Die young!  Jim Morrison was a genius!  Well yeah, really good lyricist…he wasn’t THAT young though, was he?..  Now Michael Jackson!  He faded away with a bullet!  It’s like a new move!  His final new move…  But anyway, yeah high-heels.  What good are they?  No one fucking cares”  Seriously that is a quote from my mental progression every time I see heels.  Either that or just mild revulsion..

Anyway, that’s it.  From my electricity to yours…


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