I am a fan of the Watchmen novel, my brother just got it for me for christmas this year so not exactly a long-time fan but I like this stuff and I want to see it done right when they make a movie out of it.

I almost feel a little unimpartial to rate the movie.  Everything happened pretty true to the book but the delivery seemed a little less genuine then it should have been but maybe that’s just my perception, having pre-envisioned the characters personality nuances.  The story was bang on with the flow of the comic.  Rorschach was cast perfectly and that’s really all I need to be happy with the interpretation.

The biggest and most obvious change is the end.  I didn’t disagree with this change, I can see why they went that direction.  The only misstep is one crucial line:

!!SPOILER ALERT!!  (I’ll try my best not to…)

The line “Nothing ends…  Nothing ever ends” gets stolen by Silk Spectre II as the last line of the movie with the preface “I know what Jon would say:” It would have been so easy to have this line it the same context as the book!! It’s the line that defeats the villain!

Anyway, the movie’s really good and you should go see it.

(also:  C’mon, you can’t find a better Nixon?!!  I’m not saying they needed Frank Langella but more than just some dude in a Nixon mask)


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