Christmas Time (Insert Hanukah or Kwanzaa where applicable)

Posted: December 7, 2008 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity
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My girlfriend’s great and I’ll tell you why.  Every Christmas she gets real excited  and busts out all the decorations and cooks oranges with cloves in them to smell up the house and we watch It’s a Wonderful Life and White Christmas and Garfield’s Christmas and I joke that we have to watch Batman Returns and Die Hard I.  We walk down the street and see trees decorated and she goes “Look!”.

Before I met her  nobody cared about Chrstmas.  Not really.  Just my family and it was just a reason to see each other ’cause I live so far away.  But other than that there’s a definite backlash from the “cool kids”.  But as you really grow up, by which I mean the post-teenage type of growing up that teens and early 20 somethings don’t believe in,  you figure out the difference between ‘keeping your cool’ and just being defiant.  One’s important and one’s not well thought out.

If you think about, like, really ponder the consequences of everything, you should be celebrating everything you get a chance to!  Celebrating is good.  Feeling good, also: good.  It’s not really rocket-science.  And maybe it’s not “cool” because some can go “pshhh, Christmas sucks” and make you feel a little silly for getting worked up about it.  Personally I make it a point to be as silly as often as socially acceptable.  Cool people don’t get to be silly, only legitimately cool cats can pull it off and keep their cool without putting people down to puff themselves up.

So to wrap it up  (christmas pun;-), have as much fun as possible this Christmas, get into it, watch a heart-warming Christmas Special and sneak a sentimental tear while no ones looking, get some Nog going and just enjoy the feeling of it.  Keep your cool and be a little silly.

Happy Holidays

  1. Roshena says:

    I love being silly! Great site, Trevor – keep it up! 🙂

  2. MOM says:

    You always make Christmas special ! I have really enjoyed your telling of this part of your life. You are wise!
    Stay true to your self.

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