Posted: November 14, 2008 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity

Humans are funny.  Anyone who doesn’t think so it morbidly delusional, ‘he says without hyperbole’.  

What’s with the word ‘fuck’ being being bleeped or having the sound cut out or (my favorite) the over-dub! I saw Die Hard 2 on TBS and the guy overdubbing had an accent.  Yippy-ki-yay my friend.  We all know what they’re saying in those parts, it may take a minute to figure out, which can be baffling if say, someone opens their mouth, nothing comes out and their significant other storms out of the room.  We still figure it out!  Oh, he uttered ‘fuck off’.  What they need to do is start adding parts that lead you to believe he said something else entirely that make sense with the reaction.  ‘Go upstairs please’ – spouse looks shocked and offended then storms out of the room.  I guess she’s just going upstairs, at least he was polite.

Are we so sensitive that there our certain words we simple can’t stand the sound of.  They wound the pureness of our souls.  It’s just a word.  A word allot of people really like the sound of.  Maybe just from the taboo of it but I think it’s just a very expressively constructed word.  Short, to the point, starting with a gritty ‘f’ followed immediately by a guttural ‘uh’ and a sharp ‘ck’ finish.  TV stations really need to take it into there own hands to protect people from hearing it?  They’re so righteous?

I’m not mad about TV show censorship.  It’s just that, when you think about it, it’s fuckin hilarious


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