Changing Minds

Posted: November 2, 2008 in Cerebral Electricity Manifest into Digital Electricity

Changing minds 

Is there a tougher challenge?  Seriously, if I were to have my principles challenged I’d be up in arms too. But you gotta bring an open mind to such a challenge or risk a fruitless debate.  And what fun’s a debate if no one gets there principles rattled.  

So I’m here typin, thinkin. I think God is responsible for all the troubles in the world. More specifically I think people make most of there problems for the sake of ‘God’.  I think we’re just hurtin for a miracle. Not a miracle like “I kicked through a window and the glass slashed my vein and artery but missed the nerve(all in one bundle) and I almost bled to death but the (human) paramedics saved me.” but a real, like back in the day, twisting reality, type of miracle. Not coincidence. Miracle.

You can say Jesus performed incredible feats in front of thousands… thousands of years ago. You can get a bunch of republican scientist to say global warming isn’t because of human waste. But I think when you believe them the stock in their soul goes up.

I had two dreams in a row last night that Sarah Palin won for president.  The second one I joked with my girlfriend that I had just had a dream about it.  And in both I found it ironic that it was considered Sarah Palin for president and not McCain.

I haven’t thought more about any other election than this one. It’s exhausting.  I watch Jon Stewart and Stephan Colbert (my central filter for truth) and it’s really crossed the line.


What? no.  I mean the news is stupid.  It’s not worth making fun of anymore.  It’s like an inside joke that the stupid people don’t get and the smart people are horribly offended by.

But fuck American politics, I’m a Canadian.  We’ve just lost an election to our McCain but we call him Stephan Harper.

Whoever gets in, in which ever election you chose, who wins?


Really?  Then you should post each and every bill that passes for each and every citizen to survey and approve of.


Because the rules were made when we didn’t have such an immaculate system of communication like now.


So elusive and so important. 

I’ll just wrap this up by saying:  People say you shouldn’t talk about politics or religion and that used to be polite.  I think it’s safe to say we’ve crossed the line where politeness is necessary. Politics and Religion are THE make or breakers. The top dogs. The decision makers. The king and queen of our civil lives. We need to talk about it. And us as humans have never had a better opportunity than now:


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